The Truth About Unions

Why Is It Important To Vote?

Here’s why it is important to vote in NLRB elections.

Sometimes, voting in NLRB elections can be confusing.

The question people sometimes ask is: If I’m not really interested in the union, why should I bother to vote?

Just to be clear how the process works: Unions only need 50% + 1 vote of the people who actually vote in order to unionize workers.

For example, if only three (3) people vote and two (2) vote for the union and one (1) against, the union wins—regardless if there are three (3) or 300 eligible to vote.

This is true whether the state if a Right-to-Work state, where workers cannot be fired for not paying money to a union or a Non-Right-to-Work state where it’s legal for unions to have workers fired for not paying the union.

This is why, if workers want to have their voices heard, they should exercise their right to vote.

Below is a png image which can be shared via email or on social media with co-workers.

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