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Union Home Visit Survival Tips

Being prepared for union home visits is the best line of defense.

If you’ve been targeted for unionization, you should expect union organizers to visit you at home.

If your goal is to keep your rights from falling into the hands of union bosses, here are some helpful tips to avoid becoming a victim of invasive union home visits.

Your first line of defense against having a union organizer knock on your door unwanted is to have a ‘No Solicitation’ sign posted on or around your front door.

For door hangers you can download and use go here.

Your second defense against an invasive union home is not to open your door.

In addition, you should also instruct your family members to not open the door for strangers.

Surprisingly (and somewhat frighteningly), it is not unheard of for union organizers to visit employees’ homes while employees are working (especially for off-shift employees), and try to wait with family members for the employees to come home.

However, if you have been lured into opening your door, your third line of defense is do not let a stranger into your house.

Now, if union organizers have succeeded in convincing you to let them into your house, your last line of defense is a good offense.

Ask them some tough questions. For example:

When in Doubt, Get ‘Em Out:

Union organizers are paid to manipulate you into signing your rights over to the union through union authorization cards.

Before you allow a stranger to convince you to turn your rights over to them, ask some really tough questions.

Then, if you have a single doubt, you should get them out of your house by asking them to leave.

If they refuse, then call the police.

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