The Truth About Unions

The Truth About Decertifying A Union

Here are some facts to know about kicking a union out of the workplace.

If a union organizer tells you that you can kick a union out of your workplace with no problem, you are NOT being told the truth.

The truth is, while you can legally kick a union out of your workplace, it is very difficult to do.

Should you wish to decertify a union, you need to know that unions will usually do everything in their power to prevent themselves from being decertified.

If you are interested in kicking a union out of your workplace, you (and the majorty of your co-workers) must be committed to it, as well as prepared for what tactics the union will use to try to keep the you and your co-workers under the union’s control.


While you do have a legal right to kick a union out of your workplace, there are some hurdles you need to know about.

Some of these include:

  1. If you are newly unionized, you cannot decertify a union for at least one year following certification of the union.
  2. If a contract is negotiated within the first year and you do not like it, you cannot decertify the union for the length of the contract or three years, whichever is shorter.
  3. If you are a union member, most unions prohibit their members from fostering, supporting, or participating in the decertification of the union and may place you on trial.
  4. Before attempting to decertify the union in your workplace, if you are a union member, you need to get a copy of your union’s constitution.

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