The Truth About Unions

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Can employees be replaced during a strike?

Yes.  While you do have a right to strike and cannot be fired for striking, you can be replaced. In addition, if you engage in an economic strike, you would generally become an “economic striker.” As an economic striker, your employer is...

Can I lose money with a union?

YES!  Just as wages can go up with a union, you can also lose. In addition to the out-of-pocket costs of a union, such as union dues, initiation fees, as well as potential fines and assessments, you can also lost wages and/or benefits as a result of...

Are Unions Violent?

For as long as there have been unions, there has been union violence.  It is a sad but unfortunate fact that many union bosses would would love to hide.  However, it is an undeniable truth. When union violence occurs, it is usually during the course...

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